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Greely Girls and Freeport Boys Win 2024 WMC Nordic Title

Day 2 of the WMC Nordic Championships were held to day at Stark's Hill with the 5K freestyle pursuit.  In the girls race, Sylvia Harvey of Greeley is the 2024 WMC Freestyle Champion.  Her winning time was 14:26.0.  Sonja Bell of Yarmouth was second and Soren Stark-Chessa of Maine Coast was third.  In the boys race, Teo Steverlynck-Horne of Freeport is the 2024 WMC Freestyle Champion.  His winning time was 12:24.7.  Owen Dawson of Freeport was second and Tait Harvey of Greely was third.  In the team competition, the Greely girls and the Freeport boys are the 2024 WMC Nordic Team Champions.  RESULTS