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Clara White mvc freestyleClara White of OronoWyatt Stevenson mvc freestyleWyatt Stevenson of MaranacookDay 1 of the 2024 MVC Nordic Championships were held today at Black Mtn in Rumford with the 5K freestyle mass start.  In the girls race, Clara White of Orono is the 2024 MVC Freestyle Champion.  Her winning time was 14:58.6.  Ruth White of Orono was second and Elsa Bergdahl of Maranacook was third.  In the boys race, Wyatt Stevenson of Maranacook is the 2024 MVC Freestyle Champion.  His winning time was 13:46.0.  Silas Bartol of Maranacook was second and Samuel Geissinger of Spruce was third.  Day 2 of the MVC Nordic Champs continued on Feb. 12th with the 5K classical pursuit at Black Mtn.  RESULTS  |  RVG PHOTO GALLERY