2020 Maine U16 Nordic Team Info

More Details about the NENSA U16 Championships!
-The team is staying right at the race venue in wonderful houses at Mountain Top resort. This means there will be no travel at all once we arrive!
-Parents that are in need of lodging should look in Rutland, Woodstock, Hanover area, AirBnB/VRBO, or Killington Mountain. Plenty of good options!
-The team will be having dinner Friday and Saturday banquet at the resort
-Breakfast we will do on our own in each house. If you are partial to something for breakfast food please let Tim know or bring it yourself! We will be purchasing food before and will try to keep things very simple but solid.
-LUNCHES!!! WE NEED HELP!!! This is a team effort organized by the parents and we need a family/families to help step-up and rally other families to organize food. If this is a task you are interested please let Tim know ASAP so we can begin the process!
-Trip Leader: Tim Whiton (Gould Academy), (207) 272-2498, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns before hand!
-Women's team coaches (maybe some changes): Laura Creagan (York), Annika Martell (Colby College), Carl Theriault (Fort Kent), a mystery guest we hope from the County as well!
Men's team coaches: Laurel Fiddler (Gould Academy), Jason Bartley (international man of mystery), Dylan Thombs (Yarmouth), Jacob Volz (Orono)
Wax crew: Justin Fereshetian (Central Maine), Pat Cote (Central Maine), George Aponte-Clarke (Portland), Michael Collin (Portland), Sean Creagan (York)
-We will be taking care of your skis the entire weekend and will send out suggested base layers for glide waxing the week prior. In the meantime: take care of your skis and get the rest of your equipment in order! Where are your boots? Do they need duct tape (hopefully not)? Are your poles all put together and do you know where they are? Long underwear? Hats/gloves/buffs? Start a checklist and cross stuff off!
-Skis: make sure your classic skis are absolutely clean of all kick wax and gunk. The kick zones should look like glide zones (mostly)! Clean those sidewalls too! If Fischer thinks making a waxable sidewall helps then clean your sidewalls! Nothing worse than a killer wax job that goes for naught because of sticky sidewalls. ALSO (!) make sure your kick zones are clearly marked on the sides and tops of your skis! ALSO ALSO put your name on your skis!
-Blue tape is lovely, but take it off before handing off your skis. It's sticky and is annoying to deal with as a waxer. If you choose to rough up your kick zones with sand paper, make sure you don't overdo it! Length-wise (not across) and NOT all the way to the ends of your zones.
Give Tim a shout. (207) 272-2498 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.