2020 Maine Alpine Shootouts Info (2)

The 2020 Eastern High School Maine Alpine team shootouts are on Sunday, February 23rd at Black Mtn.  The day begins at 9:00am with the giant slalom.  If an alpine racer (Male or Female) comes in the top 15 in either discipline (Slalom or Giant Slalom) at their respective state meet (class “A”, or “B”) they may attend the qualifier for a chance to make the state team and represent the state of Maine at the Eastern High School Championships at Cannon Mtn in March.  Attached is qualifier info and schedule.  


Maine High School Shootout February 23, 2020


Welcome to Black Mountain of Maine. Helping us with a few simple expectations prior to your event, while at the area, and on the mountain will help us conduct a great competitive event and make your stay at Black Mountain of Maine more enjoyable for you and everyone at the mountain.


Race Date: February 23, 2020

Host: Black Mountain of Maine

Event: Giant Slalom & Slalom

Start Time: 0900hrs (9:00am)

Event order: Girls’ Giant Slalom Run 1 (9:00am) Boys’ Giant Slalom Run 1 Girls’ Giant Slalom Run 2 Boys’ Giant Slalom Run 2 Girls’ Slalom Run 1 (TBA at the conclusion of the GS ) Boys’ Slalom Run 1 Girls’ Slalom Run 2 Boys’ Slalom Run 2

Jury: The following members of the jury, who are members of the Organizing Committee, are responsible for technical matters within the closed competition areas: Technical Delegate: Carl Wight Referee: Selected by the Technical Delegate Referee: Selected by the Technical Delegate Chief of Race: Roger Arsenault Chief of Course: Seth Fournier Course Setters: Course Setter Giant Slalom: TBA Course Setter Slalom: Mark Cyr

Schedule: 0700-0800hrs Registration – Lodge Ticket Booth or top of stairs

0730hrs (7:30am) Team Captains Meeting (Museum) Athletes must be represented to compete Athlete roll call will be taken

0800hrs (8:00am) Race workers check-in and meeting (Museum) 0800hrs (8:00am) GS – 1st run Inspection (by sliding in and out to inspect the line unless otherwise directed – no side slipping)

0850hrs (8:50am) Inspection closed (race hill closed from start down)

0855hrs (8:55am) Forerunners

0900hrs (9:00am) Girls’ GS 1st run Boys’ GS 1st run follows immediately

Slalom Inspection/Start time To be announce at the conclusion of the GS.

Team Captain’s Meeting (0730hrs) Each athlete must have a coach representative in attendance and signed in at the Team Captain’s Meeting. The Team Captain’s Meeting will be held in the Museum.

Race Workers Meeting (0800hrs) In order to make this a successful competition each school represented is asked to provide a race worker to assist the race organizer -A gate keeper, course worker, etc. These people will meet in the Museum at 8:00am for assignments and organizational information. Race volunteers will receive a complimentary ticket for a day of skiing at Black Mountain of Maine and their lunch provided on race day.

Special Slalom Event Rules: The slalom course will be set immediately following the conclusion of the giant slalom. The official inspection and start time will be announced at the finish area at the conclusion of the giant slalom. Athletes should be prepared to follow the course setter down at a reasonable distance behind to expedite the inspection and assure a timely start for the slalom. The slaloms will be single pole slaloms per FIS rules (2009-’10). The first and last gates will have turning as well as “outside” poles. Combinations, hairpins, verticals, and blind gates will have “outside” poles. In the case of a missed gate or straddle, the skier must circle the missed gate 360 degrees. Inspection Inspection for both giant slalom and slalom is by sliding in and out from outside the line only. Absolutely no side slipping the course or race line unless otherwise directed by the race organizer.

Race bibs Athletes must have their bibs visible at all times when on the mountain. This includes inspection time.

Race Fees Cost/racer, $40.00. All athletes and coaches must have a lift ticket. Lift tickets will be given at registration, at the Team Captain’s Meeting, and at the race workers meeting. Each school represented will receive a comp ticket for their coach and a comp ticket each for the persons the school brings to assist the race organizer. Each athlete must have a signed released form on file in the ticket office.

Parents’ Lift Tickets Parents may purchase a lift ticket for $40.00.

Lifts: Athletes will ride the Triple Chair for the Giant Slalom event and the T-Bar for the slalom event. NO Skiing on the race hill at any time There is to be no athlete skiing on the race course at any time. Skiing on the race course between the race start and the bottom of the hill will be limited to coaches, and course crew. Racers who are DNF’s should sideslip along the side of the trail until they arrive at an exit point.

Warm-up area(s) Coaches can set a warm-up course on Upper Rapid. Coaches should work together and set one common warm-up course. This can be organized at the Team Captain’s meeting. Coaches are responsible for safety on the warm-up hill. All other trails are closed for training warm-up courses.

Ski Pole Baskets Athletes must have serviceable baskets on their ski poles.

Official Notice Board There will be an Official Notice Board on the east side of the timing building. Protests: Protests against a disqualification must be in writing within 15 minutes following the posting of DSQ’s on the Official Score Board. A protest must be accompanied by $35.00 deposit which will be returned if the protest is upheld; otherwise it goes into the account of the race organizer.

Hill Clean-up Before awards, athletes and coaches are asked pitch in taking down and rolling a section of “BNet.” “B-Net should then be skied down to the timing building.

Team announcement: (Under the bridge) The top twelve individual boys and girls will be announced as soon as the hill has been cleared of all gates and “B-Net.” Your consideration will be appreciated: Coaches and athletes are reminded that there is no cutting-in on lift lines. “SLOW” signs mean just that, SLOW! Please make sure athletes adhere to all signage on the mountain. Unattended skis in the base area should be stowed in ski racks and not left on the snow where they may be a nuisance/hazard for the tourists. We ask that athletes store their bags and packs in the lodge or race room out of the main flow of traffic. Please do not leave skis, poles, bags, water bottles, etc., around the lift area. We ask that the utmost consideration be given in extending courtesy to the guests and staff of Black Mountain of Maine. We hope you have fun and wish you the best of luck.



Eastern High School Championship Qualifier Information

February 23, 2019 @ Black Mountain

1. If an alpine racer (Male or Female) comes in the top 15 in either discipline

(Slalom or Giant Slalom) at their respective state meet (class “A”, or “B”)

they may attend the qualifier for a chance to make the state team and

represent the state of Maine at the Eastern High School Championships.

2. The run order for the Qualifier is determined by the results from the state

meet. 1st place slalom “A”, 1st place slalom “B”, 1st

place GS “A”, 1st place GS “B”,  2nd place slalom “A”, 2nd

place slalom “B”, 2nd place GS “A”, 2nd place GS “B”, and so on.

3. The actual times are TBA, but the rough schedule is: Two runs of GS in the

morning and two runs of slalom in the afternoon. 

4. The state team is determined by the following: We take the best GS place and

add it to the best slalom place. That will be the athletes score for the day. E.g. if

an athlete gets a 6th place on the first run of the GS and a 10th on the second

run, we take the 6th place as 6 points. If that same athlete got a 4th on the first

run of the slalom and a 12th on the second run we would take the 4th as four

points. Add the best GS place and the best slalom place, that athlete would

have a final score of 10 points for the day. Any ties we go to the athletes third

best place.

5. The state team is made of of 12 males and 12 females with no alternates.

6. Athletes should only come to the qualifier if they are serious about joining the

state team. 

7. The EHSC is being held at Cannon Mountain, on March 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th.  Thursday, the 5th is a training day. Women & Mens Slalom on Friday 3/6. Saturday, 3/7 is Women's GS, Sunday 3/8 is Mens GS. 

8. Each athlete should come to the qualifier ready to write a check for $450

made out to Mark Cyr. The cost this year has gone down from last year. The entry fee at Cannon is considerably less than it was at Attitash.

9. The cost covers race fees, jackets, a pizza reception for the Maine team, a

banquet Saturday evening, and to help defer the hotel costs for the coaches.

10. The cost for the qualifier itself is $40. Checks made out to Black Mountain.

11. If an athlete was a member of the state team last year, but did not come in

the top 15 for either event at their state meet, they get an automatic bid to the

qualifier, and will run at the end of the order.