WMCchampsThe 2023 WMC Nordic Championships Day 1 is on Wednesday, February 8th at Libby Hill.  It is the 5K classic individual start.  The first race is at 2:00pm with the boys.  The girls start at 3:00pm.  Please send entries to  ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) by Tuesday at 6:00 in Excel.  FIRST, LAST, SCHOOL, GRADE  Seeding:  You can seed in an order you wish and you can skip seeds if you have less than 8 racers.

                Parking, bathroom and course info will be coming in a separate email from Susan Robbins.

                WMC wax rule:  Only entry level glide and kick waxes may be used.  See the list of glide waxes below.   

                Additional reminder to parents and spectators:  All WMC venues do not allow dogs and please do not walk on the trails.

                The results from this race will create the pursuit start on Saturday.  Anyone that misses the Classic race can still race in the Skate race, but will start at the end and will not count toward team scoring.


                All awards will be presented on Saturday.

                Awards for Top 10 finishers will be given for the Classic race, Skate race and Pursuit (combining both disciplines)  

                All-Conference recognition will be the top 10 finishers in the Pursuit.

                Team scoring will be done on the Pursuit results.


Only glide waxes from this wax list may be used for 2023 WMC races

With the goal of reducing cost and easing complication for coaches and athletes, the WMC is using this list of waxes for all WMC races in 2023.  (ALL ARE FLUORO FREE GLIDE WAXES- THIS LIST IS MORE RESTRICTIVE THAN JUST FF)


Ultra, Alpha, Beta Liquids and Paraffin 

Natural Wax Liquid, Paste, Paraffin 


Racing Liquid: Cold, Med, Warm 

Rode R20 Blue, R30 Violet, R40 Red, R50 Yellow Paraffin  Rode ArHc Powder 


Performance Speed Paraffin 

CH Glide Paraffin (old version of PS)


RG Race Base Wax 


G Series Liquids: G11, G21, G21G, G41 

G Blue and Violet Liquid 

Original Glide Paraffin 


Base Performance Paraffin and Liquid 

X-Cold Powder 


GW Paraffin 


XC Paraffin 




Innovax Beta Cold