The MPA Management Committee, at the request of the MPA Ski Committee, has voted in agreement to allow for this year as a trial run, any co-operative individual(s) to petition to compete up or down in class for this year's state meets.  This will allow for a co-operative individual, regardless of class, to be able to stay with their co-op host school/coach and team, through the host school's state meet.  For example, a Class A athlete that is training with/competing with a Class B host school/coach and team, can petition to compete down to the Class B state meet staying with the coach and team they trained with all season long.  Obviously the opposite can occur as well with a Class B individual to petition up to compete with their host team/coach at the Class A state meet.  This is a one year trial for Alpine only.

To do so, the co-op individual(s) AD needs to go onto the MPA Website, click on Forms and Important Dates heading, then fill out and submit the online form titled "Individual Application for Participation on a Winter Cooperative Team.  This needs to be done no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, February 10th.  Once submitted it will automatically go to the appropriate MPA personnel for recording.  
This is a one year trial for Alpine only.