State Champion Spotlight: Krysia Lesniak

We now will spotlight Krysia Lesniak of Falmouth who won the Class A Slalom title.  She also won the WMC Giant Slalom and Slalom titles.   We asked her
 about all of her ski success and ski season goals.

 1. What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

All of the races leading up to the state meet, as well as training on and off snow before and during the season, prepared me for success at States.  Winning both events at WMCs, as well many of the regular season races, gave me not only practice, but also confidence, which is extremely important in ski racing.  I was also not afraid to work hard, and translated my goals into actions as I trained throughout the year.
2. How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?
The pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet are unavoidable, but I deal with them by concentrating on the process, and not the results.  I don't picture crossing the finish line in first place, but instead focus on how I'm going to get to the finish line as fast and as technically sound as possible.  The state meet this year was no different.  Though I knew in the back of my mind the results I wanted, I didn't let them get in the way, and only made sure I was skiing my best.  Then, I knew the results I wanted would follow.
3. What is your favorite thing about ski racing?
My favorite thing about ski racing is how it's both a team sport, and an individual sport.  Winning the individual Class A SL State Title was an accomplishment, and definitely a goal of mine, but winning the Girls Class A Alpine Title was just as rewarding.  In fact, it was what we as a team had been vying for all season.  I also enjoy how close in competition ski racing can be.  A tenth of a second or less can separate first and second place, which keeps me focused and determined throughout the races.  The competitiveness is one of the many reasons ski racing is my favorite sport.
4. What do you contribute all of your awesome ski success to?
First and foremost, I contribute my ski success to my coach, Tip Kimball.  In my three years at high school with him as a coach, we have built a strong relationship and I have evolved as a ski racer profoundly.  Every inspection of the race course I leave confident and knowledgable as he is able to read and interpret the set of the course and prepare me like no one else.  His experience and knowledge has made me the ski racer I am today.  Secondly, I have worked very hard on my own, on and off the hill.  I take every single race and training run seriously, and focus on improving step by step.  It has been incredibly rewarding to see my hard work pay off.
5. Coming into the season, what were your goals and did you achieve them?
Coming into the season, my primary goal was for our team: to win the Girls Class A State Title as last year we won the combined title with nordic, but fell second to Greely in the Alpine field.  Together, we achieved this, winning by an unprecedented 50 points and bringing home the first Girls Alpine State Title for Falmouth.  Also, along with nordic, we won by an overwhelming 268 points this year.  
Individually, I aimed to have my best season yet.  My ambitious goal, derived from my coach's confidence in me, was to win a state title; I achieved this in the SL event, winning by over 6 seconds.  I also knew I wanted to not just make the Eastern High School Team, but to lead Maine as the first seed on the girls team.  Through my hard work and focus, I was able to achieve this as well.