2022 MPA Ski State Meet Info Page

mpa logoThe 2022 MPA Ski State Meets begin on Thursday, February 17th with the Class A Alpine Championships at Black Mtn and the Class B Alpine Championships at Saddleback Mtn.  For state meet race updates, info, complete schedules, and more, be sure to keep checking the MPA STATE MEET INFO PAGE.


2/23: Class A/B/C Nordic Freestyle Pursuit Start Lists Posted and Pursuit Course Map

2/22: Class A/B/C Nordic Classical Start Lists Posted & Course Map / RaceSplitter Lists Posted

2/21: Class A/B/C Nordic Registration Lists Posted

2/17: Class A Slalom Start Lists Posted, Class B Slalom Start Lists Posted

2/16: Class A Giant Slalom Start Lists Posted  ,  Class B Giant Slalom Start Lists Posted and Live-Timing links

2/16: Class A Alpine Registration Lists Added

2/15: MPA Alpine and MPA Nordic Memo Added plus links to purchase apparel