State Champion Spotlight-Tiernan Lathrop

We next spotlight state champion Tiernan Lathrop of Cape Elizabeth.  Tiernan won the Class B Slalom at Black Mtn.  We asked him about the race and Tiernan 1the state meet emotions.   

1) What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?
Training for CVA WEEKEND program, getting into the groove of things, and lots of basketball against Killian, my older brother, to get that competitive side out. 
2) How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?
I didn’t feel I had to much pressure on me considering my older brother was a senior and everyone was looking at him to sweep states and I just had to do my thing and make sure I kept up with him. Although I did know I needed to win a state championship considering both my brothers did it as underclassmen. I also just think of it as another high school race and just have fun with it because what’s the point of doing it if I’m not having fun.
3) What was going through your mind at the starting gate?
Just that it was time to go and show everyone little Lathrop's here to race.
4)How did you deal with the new powder on race day?
Like any other powder day, just had enjoy it. Even though it isn’t the best to race on, it’s apart of the sport and you got to adapt. 
5)  What do you contribute your success to?
100% the sibling competition and I’ll give credit to my brothers course reports that help me understand the course before I run it. Killian and I have also been going hard in the weight room at Foley’s Fitness Center and been doing a lot of athletic training, which I believe got us in the best shape for this season.
6)  What are your goals for next year?
Keep the Lathrop dynasty going and make sure my little brother, who will be an upcoming freshmen, doesn’t beat me.
7) What surprised you the most about this season?
Finally beating my brother. Also being better at slalom rather than gs because I’m more of a bigger more aggressive skier which makes it seem like I should be better at gs.
8) What moment/event will you remember the most from the season?
My brother and I both getting state championship wins but also both getting second to each other too.
9) What is it like having your brother on the team with you?
As I’ve been saying it just helps me excel. I feel this year especially because we have evened out so it’s just back and fourth every race.  It’s actually kind of funny because when we train on the weekends sometimes we don’t want to go out and we just want to sleep in but if one of us is planning to go then the other one has to because we don’t let the each other work harder than the other. If that makes sense.