State Champion Spotlight--Miguel Sanclemente

We next spotight state champion Miguel Sanclemente of Fort Kent.  Miguel won the 2020 Class C freestyle and the pursuit.  We asked him about his skipicpreparations and his goals for next season.  


1) What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?
This year was different for me as I was sick leading up to the event. Sleep, naps, more sleep and vitamin C was key. Also the usual pasta and wax. Oh and did I mention more sleep?
2) How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?
I just try not to overthink it, get a good warm up in, and trust the summer training. Some nerves are good but getting super nervous can be bad.
3) What was going through your mind at the starting gate?

I was fairly calm at the start gate this year. I just thought about my strategies mostly.
4)  What do you contribute your success to?
It was a combination of great summer training, great coaching, good wax, and smart skiing the few days before.
5)  What are your goals for next year?
Biggest goal is to not get sick! That was not cool with the state meet so close
6) What surprised you the most about this season?
I was surprised by the level of competition this year. Last year we lost some speedy seniors but it seems like the rest of the field had no problem picking up the slack!
7) What moment/event will you remember the most from the season?
The most memorable moment for me was during both races when certain parts around the course would have both sides of the trail lined with spectators all cheering at the top of their lungs. It was a super cool atmosphere! It's fun to see all sorts of people rallied together for this sport.
8) What do you like most about Nordic Skiing?
I really like the community as well as the skiing itself. There are some great people in this sport and it is cool to get to know them. Also the skiing itself is obviously the best!