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Carter McPhedran-State Champion Spotlight

We next spotlight junior Carter McPhedran of Maranacook.  He was the 2019 Class B classical state champion and his team won the Class B Nordic Cartertitle.  We asked him about his preparations and his goals for his senior year.

1) I did a lot of physical preparation; trying to improve my technique and endurance. I skied as much as I could at every practice to build my endurance. But the most important preparation I made was mental. I had to improve my attitude towards my performance in order to go into the state meet ready to give it my all. 
2) The mental preparations that I made allowed me to come into the state meet feeling very little pressure. I knew that whatever result that I got was good as long as I left everything out on the trail. 
3) I was definitely a little bit nervous at the start of the pursuit but knowing that two teammates were behind me gave me some confidence. I knew that if people were going to be passing me, it would have been my teammates which took away some of the nerves. 
4) I have always liked classic more than skate. I have gotten great results in both disciplines, but I definitely have always felt more confident in my classic ability. I am not a very big dude. I try to make up for my size with my technique. In addition, I think my better endurance helped me with my results this year. You know what they say, its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. 
5) I have already been thinking about next year a lot. I want to train a lot this summer. My goals from training will be building strength and endurance. I plan to participate in more Eastern Cup races as I only participated in one. In addition, I would like to get some good results at the Eastern High School championships especially because I have not been able to go the past two years because I have been traveling. Most importantly, I want to be a leader for my team as we will be very young next year. I can not wait to see what next season will bring. 
6) I was surprised at how much fun I had this season. Every year, nordic skiing brings me huge amounts of joy through the wonderful people who are part of the skiing community. And every year, the amount of joy that it can bring me amazes me. This year was no different. Just being able to ski surrounded by an amazing community filled with friends and family bring me immense joy.
7) The moment that I will remember the most from this ski season was finishing the race with two of my fellow teammates and state champions. Coming into the stadium alongside Luke Bartol and Gabe Fein was magnificent. Winning a state race was amazing, but racing alongside two seniors that I had practiced with since sixth grade brought me a surreal happiness. 
8) I wish that us Nordic skiers could convince non-skiers to overcome the perceived boredom of the sport. The main obstacle that I hear when people consider participating is that they believe the sport is grueling and boring. I wish we could get them to see that this is not true, that the grueling effort a skier puts in brings them entertainment and teaches them about themselves and the world. 
9) The thing that I have always liked most about Nordic is the atmosphere surrounding it. It is such a welcoming, accepting, and loving sport filled with amazing people that I have made amazing relationships with. 
10) It was unreal to win a third championship with an amazing senior class. We have grown so much as skiers and people and I think that mainly I was simply happy to have been a part of this team with such amazing humans and skiers. 

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