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State Champion Spotlight-Owen Redfield

We next spotlight state champion Owen Redfield of Yarmouth. He won the 2022 MPA Class B Freestyle at Black Mtn.  We asked him about his success andOwen his state meet preparations.

1) What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?
 During the summer I made sure to focus on many distance workouts and continuously push myself to become stronger and better. Leading into the season I always made sure to push myself hard during workouts but also know when to take it easy. On the day of the race, I stayed properly hydrated and well-rested and kept myself in the right mindset to race.
2) How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?
 Before the race, I was feeling very nervous knowing that I had to race well in order for my team to win. To do this I would only think of how I would ski parts of the trail and where to push myself and where to pace myself. I made sure to keep a smile on my face before the race to amp myself up and to get my teammates amped as well.
3) What was going through your mind at the start knowing that the snow conditions were challenging?
 On the first day, thoughts of having to lead the pack and racing through very wet snow scared me a lot and led to me having a poor race. The second day I thought of how these conditions were so much better and how happy I would be with myself if a raced well which led to my successful race.
4) What are some of your best memories from ski racing this past season?
 Skiing with the team, hitting jumps, and the long bus rides.
5) If you are a senior, what are your plans for next year?
 I am a junior, but my plans are to train hard with my friends this summer and come back next year better.
6) What were your goals for this season and did you achieve them?  What led to all of your success?
 My goals for this season were for my team to win states and to continuously improve each race. The main factor that led to my success was just coming to each race with the right mindset and having fun with my team.
7) Anything else that you would like to add?
 I'd like to thank the team and my coaches for working so hard this year and for everybody pushing each other to be the best they could be.

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