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State Champion Spotlight-Alex Hemingway

We now spotlight state champion Alex Hemingway of Mt. Abram.  Alex was the 2020 Class C Classical state champion.  We asked him about his favorite ALEXmoment of the season and what surprised him.

1) What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

  1. Leading up to the meet I was focused on a good diet and getting lots of sleep. Training a lot but not so much where I was tired every day.

2) How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?

  1. Didn’t really have any but just trusting in training and fuel. 

3) What was going through your mind at the starting gate?

  1. 3...2...1... go. Keeping strategy and finding the fast snow. My knowledge of the course and knowing when to push and when to hold pace.

4)  What do you contribute your success to?


  1. Training in the summer and my great coaches that give me lots of advice.

5)  What are your goals for next year?

  1. Keep training in the summer and take it one race at a time

6) What surprised you the most about this season?

  1. Making both U16 and EHSC.

7) What moment/event will you remember the most from the season.  

      7. All of the people cheering as you go up the hills. 

8) What do you like most about Nordic Skiing?

      8. The adventure takes you from taking off the summer wax to putting it back on. But don’t leave out the summer training.

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