The first qualification race for the 2024 Maine U16 and EHSC Nordic Teams is being held on Saturday, January 27th in conjunction with the Sassi Memorial at Black Mtn.  Skiers who wish to qualify for the Maine Nordic teams must compete in the Sassi 5K classical and the 2.5K freestyle pursuit.  Entry fee for the pursuit qualifier is $10 and entry fee for the Sassi is $13.  Racers must register for the Sassi (check with your coach about this) AND REGISTER FOR THE PURSUIT.   Deadline for the pursuit registration is Friday at 8pm.  QUALIFIER PURSUIT REGISTRATION  |  SASSI RACE/ENTRY INFO  |   MAINE NORDIC TEAM QUALIFIER PURSUIT INFO  The top 18 finishers in the pursuit will qualify for the Maine Nordic team.  The additional 6 qualifiers will come from the Aroostook Nordic Champs and from the state meet pursuit.  Qualifiers from the pursuit will need to fill out an online form (which will be posted after the Sassi) to confirm their spot on the team.