Telstar Relays Update

Here is an update about the Telstar Relays that are happening this Saturday.  CLICK HERE for race info.  

1) Both Wave A and Wave B can be a combination of two schools. However, Wave A will be the boy, girl, boy, girl format only. Wave B can be all girls, all boys or any combination of boys and girls - it just needs to be 4 skiers.  Please remember that registrations are due by 5pm on Wednesday, January 2nd.
2) It looks like the course is going to be great! We got out and raked and shoveled before the last snow/rain event. Then we shoveled some more yesterday. We have really left the snow untouched over vacation. One pass of a snow machine yesterday turned up beautiful soft snow. We are expecting 3-5 inches of snow tonight. All is good to go!