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2018 Chenard Sugarloaf Opener Results
Livingood and Charles Open Season With Wins
Open Coaching Positions
2018 New Years Nordic Festival

Once again the Fort Kent Outdoor Center is planning to host the 5th New Years...

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2019 State Meets
The schedule for the 2019 MPA Alpine and Nordic state meets is now officially...
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2018 State Champion Spotlights

And that wraps up our 2018 State Champion Spotlights.  Congratulations to all!  Here are all of the 2018 state champion spotlights:


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Race Results
Complete race results

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2018 MPA State Meet Info Page

The 2018 MPA State Ski Championships take place during the week of February 19th.  Class A Alpine is Feb. 23 at Mt. Abram and Feb 24 at Black Mtn.  Class B Alpine is Feb. 19-20 at Big Rock.  Class A Nordic is Feb. 22-23 at Black Mtn.  Class B & C Nordic are Feb. 22-23 at Fort Kent Outdoor Center.  The 2018 STATE MEET INFO PAGE is being updated frequently now.  Check the page often for important information.  Here are the latest updates:

2/23 Update: Class A Slalom Start Orders Posted

2/22 Update: Class B/C Freestyle Pursuit Start Lists Posted, Class A Freestyle Pursuit Start Lists Posted

2/21 Update: Class A Nordic Course Update

2/20 Update:Class A Alpine and Nordic Schedule Changes

2/19 Update: Class A Nordic Classical Start Lists, Class B/C Nordic Classical Start Lists, Class B Alpine Live Timing

2/18 Update: Class A Nordic Course Maps added, Class B & C Nordic State Meet Rescheduled

2/17 Update: Class A Nordic Memo Letter Added

2/16 Update:  Class A Alpine State Meet Rescheduled

2/7 Update:  MPA Alpine & Nordic Memos posted, complete schedules posted, Class B/C Nordic info site link posted, Class B/C Nordic course map posted


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