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2018 MPA State Meet Info Page

The 2018 MPA State Ski Championships take place during the week of February 19th.  Class A Alpine is Feb. 23 at Mt. Abram and Feb 24 at Black Mtn.  Class B Alpine is Feb. 19-20 at Big Rock.  Class A Nordic is Feb. 22-23 at Black Mtn.  Class B & C Nordic are Feb. 22-23 at Fort Kent Outdoor Center.  The 2018 STATE MEET INFO PAGE is being updated frequently now.  Check the page often for important information.  Here are the latest updates:

2/23 Update: Class A Slalom Start Orders Posted

2/22 Update: Class B/C Freestyle Pursuit Start Lists Posted, Class A Freestyle Pursuit Start Lists Posted

2/21 Update: Class A Nordic Course Update

2/20 Update:Class A Alpine and Nordic Schedule Changes

2/19 Update: Class A Nordic Classical Start Lists, Class B/C Nordic Classical Start Lists, Class B Alpine Live Timing

2/18 Update: Class A Nordic Course Maps added, Class B & C Nordic State Meet Rescheduled

2/17 Update: Class A Nordic Memo Letter Added

2/16 Update:  Class A Alpine State Meet Rescheduled

2/7 Update:  MPA Alpine & Nordic Memos posted, complete schedules posted, Class B/C Nordic info site link posted, Class B/C Nordic course map posted


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