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Black and Maguire win MPA Class A Giant Slalom

mpa logoMt. Blue girls and Falmouth boys have the lead

Day 1 of the MPA Class A Alpine State Championships were...

2019 MPA State Meet Info Page

mpa logoThe 2019 MPA Ski State Meets start...

Vandecker and Pelletier win KVAC Giant Slalom

Day 1 of the...

Anuszewski and McMillan win MVC Giant Slalom

Sanclemente and Jandreau win Aroostook Classical

The Aroostook Nordic League continued today with a 7K classical race at...

Clement and Fein Sprint to Victory at Oxford Hills

The 2019 Oxford Hills Sprints were held today at the Sunny Croft Farm in...

2019 Sassi Memorial Results Varney and Charles Win 2019 Sassi Memorial

The Sassi Memorial Classical, the largest high school ski race ,took...

Pomeroy and McKee win Giant Slalom at Black Mtn

Marancook's Robbie McKee had runs of 31.07 and 30.65for a total...

2019 Maranacook Waves Recap

Maranacook Boys and Gould Academy Girls are Top Teams


2019 Pakulski Results 2019 Pakulski Memorial Slalom Results

Falmouth Boys and Mt. Blue Girls are Top Teams

The Pakulski...

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2018 State Champion Spotlights

And that wraps up our 2018 State Champion Spotlights.  Congratulations to all!  Here are all of the 2018 state champion spotlights:

2018 State Champion Spotlight-Ian Geikie  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-AJ Noyes  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Annesley Black  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Shelby Cowin  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Killian Lathrop  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Connor Jackson

2018 State Champion Spotlight-Isabelle Jandreau  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Roy Varney  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Jen Wilbraham  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Ethan Livingood  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Nick Neveu  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Max Bartley  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Niko Naranja  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Emily Carty  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Sophia Laukli  |  2018 State Champion Spotlight-Gaelan Boyle-Wight

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