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Eastern High School Alpine Championships
Pomeroy and Lathrop win Class B Giant Slalom

Cape Elizabeth boys and Maranacook girls win Class B Alpine...

Sanclemente and Jandreau win Class C Freestyle

Madawaska boys and Ashland girls win Class C NordicMADboys 2...

Tyler and Lathrop win Class B Slalom

Cape Elizabeth boys and Fort Kent/Maranacook lead after day 1...

Bartol and Skillings win Class B Freestyle

Maranacook boys and Yarmouth girls win Class B NordicYarmouth


Black and Maguire win MPA Class A Giant Slalom

mpa logoMt. Blue girls and Falmouth boys have the lead

Day 1 of the MPA Class A Alpine State Championships were...

Black and Maguire win MPA Class A Slalom

mpa logoFalmouth boys and Edward Little girls win Class A Alpine...

Walker and Charles win Class A Freestyle

Falmouth Boys and Portland Girls win Class A NordicDW5D5799...

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2018 State Champion Spotlight-AJ Noyes

This week we begin our annual state champion spotlights where we highlight the state champion in each discipline in each class.  We begin with AJ Noyes of Falmouth who was the Class A Slalom state champion.  He also won the SMAA Slalom and helped his team win the Class A Alpine title.  We asked him about his state meet preparations and his success.

1) What were your preparations leading up to the state meet ?

I knew that if I had thought about it too much, the pressure would get to me, and I wouldn't ski well, so I just relaxed, ate meatballs, and played Fortnite.
2) How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?
Again, I just didn't think of it all that much until the day of. I've been ski racing for a pretty long time, so I knew how to cope with the pressure , even with something as big as the state meet. 
3) What was going through your mind at the starting gate knowing about the conditions and knowing that you could win?
I was confident going into it. We had taken a really, really, really long time to slip the course with my coach, Tip. He did a great job spotting any anomalies, so I knew exactly what to expect. After the GS, our team had a comfortable lead going into the SL, so if we put down four clean runs, we would cop a phat W. This mindset was perfect for the course, so I ended up doing really well. 
4) You have had a lot of wins this season: SMAAs, slalom at Titcomb, CLass A states, what do you contribute your success to?
This year something clicked for me mentally. I always knew what I was capable of, I would just take it back way too much, or get a way too wild and crash. I haven't completely figured it out, but I definitely got better at controlled sending. Other than that I just ate a lot of vegetables. 
5) What are some of your best memories from this season?
Winning states (obviously). Insanely long course inspections. Squirting seeds (Metaphorically speaking). 
6) What are your plans for next year?
Threepeat? *knock on wood*
7)What was your reaction when you found out that your team won the Class A Alpine? 
I was pretty hype. Winning it as a Freshman, especially having skied like I did, was pretty awesome. I am just grateful for such a great team, and great coaches.
8) What are your favorite things about alpine racing?
I just love to ski. Skiing fast, skiing slow, skiing around poles, any type of skiing is awesome, with the exception of Nordic. Nordic is crazy.

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