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2018 WMC Nordic Championships Info

 WMCC race format will follow the 2018 MPA State Meet format and rules. Day 1:  Friday 2/9:  5k Classic @ Libby Hill.  :15 Individual Start.  Girls 2:00, Boys 3:00Day 2:  Saturday 2/10:  5k Skate @ Stark’s.  Pursuit Start based from Day 1 results.  Girls 11:00, Boys 12:00.  Direction and parking maps for Stark’s:   Course Maps: TBD.  Entries:  Please enter Day 1 running orders in the online system by Monday night (2/5) at 6:00pm (incase race dates change).  You may seed racers in any order you choose.  Schools with less than 8 skiers can skip seed rounds, if they choose. (example:  you have 6 skiers and want your 1st skier to skip the first 2 seed rounds, thus starting them later.) 

To do this create 2 new racers for your team in the entry system with the first names GHOST 1 and GHOST 2 and seed them 1st and 2nd . LF RULE:  NO waxes (glide or kick) will be allowed in any WMC race, including championships, above the LF (Low Fluorinated) level.  Awards:  Top 10 individuals from both races will be recognized. Team champions will be based from the pursuit results.    Volunteers:  Each school is to provide 1 volunteer for each race to help with timing, bib collection and race organization.  Please email those names to Sue Thurston, Fryeburg AD:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All-Conference:  Top 10 combined lowest totals from both WMCC races will determine WMC All-Conference.    *No dogs on the courses.

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