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2019 State Meets
The schedule for the 2019 MPA Alpine and Nordic state meets is now officially...
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2018 State Champion Spotlights

And that wraps up our 2018 State Champion Spotlights.  Congratulations to all!  Here are all of the 2018 state champion spotlights:


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State Champion Spotlight: Tucker Barber

Our next state champion spotlight is Tucker Barber of Mt. Blue.  He was the 2017 Class A Classical and Freestyle state champion.  He also won the KVAC Classical and was state champion in 2016.  We asked him about his successes, his team successes and his training.

1) What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

I took it easy. I was traveling earlier in that week, so I did some nice running with some gentle ski action right before. My coaches sprinkled some pickups here and there for fun. All in all, things were relaxed and chill. But not chill as in temperature. The weather was actually unsettlingly warm. 

2) How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?

I just tried to have a good time, and enjoy as much of my vacation and skiing as I could. I also ate quite a bit.

3) What was going through your mind at the starting line knowing that the conditions were soft and warm?    

Mariachi music. It was like we had jumped a climate zone. Normally I’m not really into warmer temperatures during the winter, but all in all, things worked out well. Skiing in shorts is an alright experience every once and a while. It made the racing slower, but after several icy races, it was an okay change of pace.

4) You have had a remarkable Nordic skiing high school career.  What do you attribute your fast races to?  

There are several factors such as the great program from which I was brought up, my very dedicated coaches, and of course the undeniable influence of luck. But really, what makes the skis glide is putting in the effort. Conscious, deliberate, continuous effort. Neither long meaningless skiing or isolated intense workouts themselves will makes the seconds fall off. I didn’t end up training specifically for nordic as much as last year, and I certainly paid for it coming into the season. I had to continue to challenge the little aspects of my skiing that my coaches helped me discover, such as that exaggerated toe flick or pole timing, to keep my mind and body on edge. Through those small improvements, I inched my way up.

5) Your team won the state championships.  What was your reaction to winning? 

It was a great way to end the team season. The whole team had a super solid placing, and things really came together. The team as always was very deep, and watching everyone give it their all for the win was impressive.

6) What are some of your best memories from ski racing this past season?

Some of my best memories were of pulling tricks on the alpine park (long live Nordic Stunt Team) and just hanging around the wax shack with the team and making bad jokes and melting colorful blocks of wax. 

7) What is your favorite part about skiing and ski racing?

I like how form and power work together. I like the speed and the coldness of the air. I like how knowledge and personal experience factor in. But my favorite part would have to be lobster gloves.

8) What are your plans for next year?



9) What were your goals for this season and did you achieve them?  

Last year, I mentioned my goals were to win both state individual titles and the team title. I was fortunate enough to accomplish both of these. Though all in all, I think that goals aren’t necessarily the best measure of a season. I was satisfied with my results and how I felt I raced this season, but more importantly I know where I could have improved, and hope the knowledge that I gained over the season to help me in the future

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